Monday, April 20, 2009

The "Gruncher"

Well a fellow blogger Tom set up the latest art challenge. He threw the name "Gruncher" out there and said lets see what everyone can come up with. So here is my little sketch of The Gruncher.

The first thing I thought of was a huge massive beast. Then I thought how cool would it be if this big tough name was actually this little unassuming bugger. Then the little guy could actually change into the huge beast whenever he wanted.

I love drawing long ears and putting these black lines and symbols on my characters. A lot of my characters in my next project have the ears and marks. Anyway enough rambling. Hope you like the pic. It's a quicky. I colored it with a few Prisma color markers I have laying around.

If anyone is interested in getting in on these challenges just post a link on either Toms site or my own. Love to see what everyone comes up with. Check out Tom's blog at


Tom said...

Wow, Joe, awesome sketches! I love your idea for the character. The colors are sweet. You've inspired me to seriously look into picking up a set of Prismacolors!

Joe Romano 2 said...

Thanks Tom. I love the prisma color markers, I only have a few of them, they are kind of expensive. I'm still learning how to use them and blend colors with them, but they're fun. Thanks again. THis one was a fun one, great idea.

Checkmark said...

Hey, really awesome job, Joe! Just wanted to see how your version turned out, nice stuff on your whole blog man, really nice!

Justin said...

nice- totally a "gruncher" character.

plus, its a proven fact, anything with robot parts is super cool.

keep it up the great work- you've made me wanna brush off the ol markers as well...