Sunday, July 20, 2008

Monkeying Around

Here is a really rough sketch. One of the things I love about other artists blogs is when they post their really raw, or rough sketches. It kind of gives you a feel for their personal style and a pure look at their work. One of the reasons I started this sight is so I can post some of my rough stuff, not just my fine tuned images.

I have a full time sales job. I work really hard at what I do, but we go to a lot of meetings. There is ton of clinical data, numbers and figures. Unfortunately I have been cursed since birth with CDDS. Other wise known as Chronic Day Dreaming Syndrome. (hey you never know, people make up new ailments every day. This could be one). Sooo anyway, at one of our meetings I drifted off and did this quick sketch. It's silly, I know, but there is something about it I like. Hope you do to. More to come.

Oh yeah, and in case anyone from work is reading this. I was intently listening every second and taking diligent notes.

Meet Ebenezer Flea

A good friend of mine from college, Hannah Budic (Purdy) recently published a book "Ebenezer Flea and the Right Thing To Do". It's a great story, especially if you have little ones like myself. My son loves the book, and the best part is that there is a moral to the story. One of those life lessons that is never the easiest to learn. One that I still have a hard time with even today. You know, admiting when you are wrong. I'm finding out since I've been married this is something I have to do alot.

Anyway, I love the characters that Hannah has created and I asked if she would mind if I doodled a few of them. Here is my first one, Ebenezer the Flea. It's a quicky, and I'll have more to come. I have some rough sketches of Lulu, Tommy and Scarlett. Haven't gotten to Sylvester yet. If you want to know more about Ebenezer and his friends, check out

Thanks Hannah not only for the great story, but letting me post your characters. More to come.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Run

Well, here is my first post for this blog. Some of you may be asking "why does he need two blogs?". Good question. Acutally I wanted to start a seperate blog from Rocco and Joey in order to post some of my other art work.

Over the past four years I have been messing around with a few different projects. When my brain just isn't in sink with Rocco and Joey I work on some of my other stuff. I'm a comic book dork and have always wanted to write and illustrate one. This blog will allow me to post some of those samples since they are intended for a more mature audience then my children's books. I have a ton of different story lines in the works for comics, graphic novel (for kids) and some more children's book stories I'd eventually like to do. So, that is what you can expect from this site.

This first image is one I did for a friend who was working on a children's book, but it never really got off the ground. I fell in love with the two characters and may do something with them in the future. Let me know what you think. There will be more to come.