Sunday, July 20, 2008

Monkeying Around

Here is a really rough sketch. One of the things I love about other artists blogs is when they post their really raw, or rough sketches. It kind of gives you a feel for their personal style and a pure look at their work. One of the reasons I started this sight is so I can post some of my rough stuff, not just my fine tuned images.

I have a full time sales job. I work really hard at what I do, but we go to a lot of meetings. There is ton of clinical data, numbers and figures. Unfortunately I have been cursed since birth with CDDS. Other wise known as Chronic Day Dreaming Syndrome. (hey you never know, people make up new ailments every day. This could be one). Sooo anyway, at one of our meetings I drifted off and did this quick sketch. It's silly, I know, but there is something about it I like. Hope you do to. More to come.

Oh yeah, and in case anyone from work is reading this. I was intently listening every second and taking diligent notes.

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Kim said...

That's so funny. I used to get accused of not paying attention because I was doodling. And I've found I pay closer attention when I am doodling than when I'm not. It relaxes me and I listen as I sketch however you take a doodle out of the equation and I'm sitting there thinking..Uh..hmmm what can we have for dinner, Oh shoot! I have to swing by the store and get milk and bread. Bla Bla Bla.. Sitting there looking at the teacher,speaker, boss but totally checked out.

You have great work. Ill keep checking in with you to see what you are working on! You can check me out at :)