Monday, September 27, 2010

Up Coming Project with Rob Gervais

Been awhile since I had a post. I've been buried in the basement at night trying to finish the Children's book I'm working on with Jay England. I should have everything done by the end of October and we hope to have it to print by Dec.

In the mean time, I needed a night off the shut my brain down and just mess around. I've been working on character development for a graphic novel I am working on with Rob Gervais. For right now I refer to it as "Seeds". I wanted to just do a full digitally colored image with this style of art for a long time. Here is my first crack at it. Let me know what you think. Starting to get more comfortable with the digital stuff. I changed up my inking style and tools a bit for this project. I'll be diving in full go to "Seeds" in No
vember so Rob and I can get this thing going. He wrote an amazing story and I can't wait to visually put it to print. Hope you like it. The original inked sketch is below.