Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Angels and Broken Hearts

Well this one is a tough one for me. I'm writing with a heavy heart. I announced a few months ago that my wife and I where expecting a baby. Unfortunately we lost the baby a few weeks ago. I think we are still in shock. We miscarried a few years ago before we had my son. It hurt then, but we had some warning signs. This time we where caught completely off guard, and where really knocked off our feet.

We are trying to pick ourselves up and return to some kind of normalcy. I know I'm a guy and these things aren't supposed to effect men that bad, but I tell you what; I'm crushed. I can only imagine how my wife feels. She has to deal with the emotional and physical loss. She is a rock, and I'm amazed by her strength every day. I thank God for my son and my daughter every day. They are truly the best medicine, and keep us laughing. We are getting back on our feet, and the kids have no idea how much they are helping. It's the little things they say, the smiles and their laughter that help us through. We are doing better and appreciate all the prayers from friends and family.

I did this picture to help work my way through the loss. I don't always understand Gods plan, but I know he has one, and it's better than mine. So I trust him and just ask him to help us through what ever obstacles come our way. It's just hard when they are so painful. I guess he thought we needed two little angels in heaven to watch over us. So I talk to them every night, tell them I love them and ask them to watch over us. May God bless you and your families. Give your kids a squeeze and remember to appreciate the little things in life. Take care.


Tom said...

Joe, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like you have many blessings in your life to help you through. That's a beautiful piece of real art, truly from the heart.

Joe Romano 2 said...

thanks Tom,
Yes I really am lucky. God has blessed my life with two happy healthy kids and an incredible wife. I'm really lucky. Thanks again.

Justin said...

condolences, that’s something no couple should ever have to experience.

And much Kudos to you and your wife for hanging in there.

Great piece man, full of heart.