Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Industry Project

Here are some images I did this weekend for a little project I'm working on with a friend in San Diego. These are my first rough sketches. They're very basic, just some pencil and ink. I've got a couple things going right now. I'm having a lot of fun working on them. It's pretty cool to do some images for other people when you are just working with the description they provided you with. It's kind of nerve racking while I'm waiting to hear what they think about the images . Speaking of which, let me know what you think.

Take care


Tom said...

These rock! I love the second image in particular. What kind of project is this?

Joe Romano 2 said...

Thanks Tom. I'm having a blast designing these. These are actually for a band in San Diego. I'm doing some logo and cover concepts for them. We haven't sent them into the band yet, not sure what they are going to think. I've been networking with a writer in Cali, he pulled me into this project. We have a couple of other things going right now too. He's really talented. I can't wait to start some of the stuff he wrote.

Jason said...

I agree with tom, the second one is really cool looking. I would like to see one of them colored (even if it is just for fun) you have some amazing "coloring" skills. I think it would really add some flare and bring a whole diffrent look to them. Keep it up!