Saturday, September 27, 2008

Skottie Young Takes on Oz

I figured since I talked about Mike Kunkel in my last blog I should follow up with my other favorite artist, Skottie Young. Like Mike he has a style all his own. He takes traditional comic characters and puts his own twist on them. He mixes digital and free hand work with ink washes. It's incredible.

Right now he is taking on one of the greatest stories ever writ en, The Wizard of Oz. Like it or hate it everyone has seen it. If not you are missing out on an American classic. It left an impression with me as a kid. I was scared to death of the flying monkeys. I think I actually like the movie more as an adult. (probably cause I know flying monkeys are not sitting out side my window)

I was so fire up when I heard he took on this project for Marvel. I was blown away by his version of the Oz characters. His scarecrow is amazing. Sooo, I figured in light of one of my comic artist hero's taking on Oz, I'd throw out a sketch of my own. Let me know what you think. I'm no Skottie Young but I'm trying. Check out Skotties' blog
Take care.

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