Thursday, August 28, 2008

Work in progress

I just got back from training in Arizona for my job. I hate being away from my wife and kids. The only good thing is that I get a chance to doodle on the plane. I'm almost done with my first Rocco and Joey book. I'm going to send it out to the publishers some time in mid September.

In the mean time I have been slowly writing and doing character development for my next project. It's actually a comic book/graphic novel for kids. I'm a huge comic book dork, and wanted to do something that my kids could enjoy. I actually have three different titles I'd like to do. But for now, I'm focusing on this one.
It's still in the early stages, but here are a few concept sketches. The second one didn't scan very well so it's a little blurry. Hope you like them. I love drawing 'em. Take care.

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