Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nuff Said Bub!

OK Wolverine might possibly be the biggest superhero bad ass around. I love this character, his never say die, just another day at the office attitude. Or maybe as an Italian I think he might be part of our crew, I mean he's short, hairy and has a temper. Come on he has to be Italian.

Besides my drawing addiction, I have recently become addicted to checking out other artists websites. It's really cool to see what other artists are doing, and how they do it. I follow about 25 sites that range from the pros to some guys who just love to draw like me.
Any way I recently came across two other blogs that had done some cool sketches of Wolverine and Sabertooth. They look awesome. Check out Tom and Jasons work at and . Keep up the great work guys.

After checking out the sites I caught the Wolverine bug and sketched out a few of my own last night and this afternoon while the kids where napping. I tried a a new technique for a few of these. I used gray stock paper with ink and a white pencil on the first three. It gives the image a different feel. I came across it on a few sites, and my Comic Hero SKottie Young uses an assortment of different mediums which brings his art to life. I screwed up the last image of Sabertooth, I wan't sure if I wanted to ink it or pencil it as you can tell.
I figured I'd try something different for this round to try and branch out a little. I have to constantly remind myself to draw things how I see them. I have total talent envy of the pros and sometimes fall in the trap of trying to do it like them instead of letting my own style come through. Soooo these sketches are how I picture Wolverine and Sabertooth. Hope you like them, let me know what you think.


Jason said...

Hey thanks for the link... I see you also put Tom on there. He has got some awesome sketches on there! Love the technique you used, I am going to have to try it sometime... you just used grey paper with a white pencil?? I love the first sabertooth, that was the look I have been trying to capture but some how kept going in different directions!
Keep it up!

Tom said...

Awesome sketches! I think the technique you used with the colored paper is wonderful. These are really cool visions of these characters. Thanks so much for linking to my blog, much appreciated!