Sunday, February 8, 2009

National Sales Meeting Sketches

I just got back from my national sales meeting in Vegas.! Soooo, any time I have a meeting, there will always be doodles. Here are a couple I did with a ball point pen. They are rough, but I had fun doing them.

My coworkers think I need to seek professional help. I don't look forward to hitting the casinos, I would rather hide in my room and draw. Any time I have a free minute or get to a general session early I break out the pen and note pad. I'm probably the only dork that is excited to get to the room early since it gives me a few free minutes to sketch. I must have done about 40 doodles, but here is what I scanned in for now. More to come. I got a chance to draw on the plane as well. I'll post them later. Take care!
(the one of the Hulk sums up how I felt after sitting on my butt all day.)

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Jason said...

Nice work, My wife doesn't understand the greatness of sketching on lined paper... or sketching in general. Here's to sketching when you should be paying attention to something else.